Thursday, September 18, 2008

Labor Day, a month later......

On top of the world, or at least Stone Mountain.....

This year our big adventure for Labor Day was to visit Stone Mountain. And while it might seem like a simple or even silly way to pass the day, believe it or not, the kids had never been-with the exception of seeing the laser show. So we did it in the kind halfway-way. We took the tram up and walked down on foot. When I was a kid, I bet I climbed the mountain up AND down at least 30 times, but that was also 20 some years ago,and folks don't seem to do it the same way anymore.......but anyway, all the way down the mountain we saw all kinds of cool carvings that the kids really enjoyed reading.
Bill et al waiting for the tram.....we Corders are the patient sort of course!

We had a really good view of the carving on the moutain from the tram-I've NEVER seen it this close before so I was THRILLED!

CC and Garrett in the tram.....nice view, ay?

On the way back down....follow the white line

Here's one of the carvings we found, we liked it because it had "CC" in it.

There are lots of lovely boulders on the way down the mountain.

Once at the bottom of the mountrain we waited, and waited and waited still more for the train to take back to where we'd begun.
Back on that midnight train to Georgia.....