Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Caroline's Graduation Ceremony

Wow what an exciting night! There we were, my Mom and me watching the eighth grade awards ceremony (Caroline got a social studies award-yay, CC!!!) at Presson Hall in Agnes Scott College. They had gotten about halfway through when the tornado sirens started going off. At first they tried to continue on with the ceremony, but then the authorities were alerted that a funnel cloud had been sighted nearby. At that time, we had to evacuate to the basement where we sat for the next hour waiting for the all clear signal; parents and young graduates dressed to the nines squashed together in a hall. It was memorable if nothing else!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Renaissance Fair

We had the pleasure of introducing the kids to the Renaissance Fair this spring. It was never here when we were visiting from St. Croix so they's never been. Actually, Bill and I hadn't been in 17 years for that matter. We started out by renting costumes, I know it sounds silly, but it really set the tone for the day! The fair was a blast with juggling acts, jousting matches occasionally glimpsing the king and queen striding through. We had a GREAT time and can't wait till next year! Caroline and friend Marissa sporting their costume rentals

Garrett watching Emmy play "All the King's Horses" Chess

Emmy waiting for instructions in her chess game
Emmy running for it!

Me and Mother Goose

King Henry the 8th passing through